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Dietary Counseling

Our technicians and front office staff can help you with your dietary concerns in all life stages. We are well stocked with Science Diet and Purina Prescription diets. We will be happy to order any of these products we may not have.


We strive to provide informed, appropriate diagnostics, including digital radiology, ultrasound, Vetscope for otic exam, a Tenovet to measure intraocular pressure, dental radiology, and chemistry and hematology analysis. In addition, we have an array of bench-side specific tests such as Snap tests for Feline Leukemia, Feline Aids, Heartworm Disease and Parvovirus. Our licensed technicians are trained to read and evaluate cytology from a variety of sources including skin, urine, and blood. Finally, we use our many years of personal and professional experiences to observe, evaluate and discuss your pet’s needs.

Microchip Identification

We use Home Again microchips implanted between the shoulders. We register you online before you leave the hospital, insuring your pet will be immediately identifiable. Our chip reader is capable of reading most of the more popular chips.

Emergency Care

Dr. Norman is available for after hours and weekend emergency call. When she is unavailable,WestVet in Boise, Idaho, is a 24-hour emergency and referral veterinary hospital. Please call 208-375-1600.

Off-Site Laboratory

Some diagnostics are better served by sending samples to an outside lab. We commonly use West Vet Lab in Boise or IDEXX Laboratories, a national lab with 24-hour turn around, in most cases.

On-Site Laboratory

We are able to evaluate general serum chemistries and run red and white cell parameters in-house on our Heska Dri-Chem and CBC-Diff machines. We also routinely evaluate urine. In-house bacterial and fungal cultures are available as screening devices.

Exotic, Pocket Pets and Avian Care

Ontario Animal Hospital is the only clinic in our immediate area which treats these specialized pets. Several clinics in the Caldwell and Boise areas offer additional specialized care. We also provide boarding for these companions. While not a licensed rehaber, Dr. Norman does work with a non-profit, Blue Mountain Wildlife, to help rescue and treat injured avian wildlife.


We have recently invested in a tonometer which measures intraocular pressure.  The Tonovet allows us to more thoroughly evaluate the eye.  We are able to detect early glaucoma and the effects of lens luxation, among other applications.  Glaucoma is a common problem among certain breeds like the cocker spaniel, golden retriever, shar pei, schnauzer and shih tsu.


Our routine dental services include teeth cleaning, extractions and oral surgery. Full-mouth radiographs are performed on all patients using our dental X-ray machine. These help expose root and bone disease.


We provide a wide variety of surgical procedures, including ovariohysterectomy (spay), castration (neuter), soft tissue exploratory, and tumor removal. We also offer limited orthopedics, including repair of ruptured cruciate ligaments, luxation of the patella (knee), and fracture repair.


We employ a state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine. It allows us to see images immediately, improving client education and disease interpretation. These radiographs can be sent directly to specialists for consultation, if necessary.


Our pharmacy has a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, and flea and heartworm control products. Because pets are not the same size, nor are they always easy to medicate, we have a local compounding pharmacy, The Prescription Pad, which can make many medications into transdermal creams or solutions for ease of administration. You may also have access to our online store, through this website.


We utilize the safest anesthetics, both gas and injectable, calculated for the weight of your pet and the procedure being performed. Animals are monitored for oxygenation, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature to insure the least amount of risk while under anesthesia.